Welcome to the Business Assistance form library! Here, you’ll find all the relevant forms for starting, growing, and operating your business across multiple state agencies. If you need guidance on identifying which forms you may need, please review our Register section of the website or Contact Us.

Document and Form Library

Looking for official business forms related to starting and operating a business in Pennsylvania? Check out our resources below. We have also included helpful videos and guides for businesses and entrepreneurs.

For additional business assistance and programs, make sure to visit our page for Getting Business Advice and our section on resources to Grow your business in Pennsylvania.

Business Forms

The Pennsylvania Departments of State, Revenue, and Labor and Industry have online portals for many of their business registration forms. Although you are able to submit many important business forms online, some forms still must be printed and mailed. Visit each agency’s form library, linked below, to download fillable pdfs.

If you need guidance on identifying which forms you may need, please review our Register section of the website or Contact Us.

Department of State

Business Registration Forms (downloadable)


Department of Revenue

Business Forms (downloadable)


Department of Labor and Industry

Business Forms (downloadable)

Unemployment Compensation Management System


Like our website, but looking for more detailed guidance on starting and registering a business? We’ve got you covered. Check out the resources below for more in-depth explanations of the business registration process.

Entrepreneur’s Guide

Not sure if you’re ready to start a business? Check out our Entrepreneur’s Guide, which is written for new and first-time entrepreneurs. This guide focuses on planning for your new business, the development of your business plan, and resources to help you get started. For additional assistance, also be sure to visit our page detailing Getting Business Advice to learn more about resources available to you at low or no cost.

Entrepreneur’s Guide

Business Registration Guide

You can find information about registering your business in Pennsylvania under our Register section, but you may also find additional details about the process in the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Guide to Business Registration and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s Guide to Starting a Business in Pennsylvania.

Guide to Business Registration

Guide to Starting a Business in Pennsylvania

Small Business Webinars

For detailed how-to instructions on registering your business in Pennsylvania, diverse business opportunities, tips for expanding your business into new markets, and other great topics, check out our special video playlist of Small Business Webinars.

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