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Registering Your Business

Ready to get your business up and running? Registration is the next key step in your startup journey. This process will vary slightly depending on your business structure, so it’s important to know that information before embarking on this step. Before registering, check out our Planning Section and verify that you’ve completed the necessary preliminary steps prior to registration. Get your own personalized business registration checklist.

If you wish to register your business online, you will be required to create a user profile in the Business One-Stop Shop Hub. Once you create a user profile and sign into the Business One-Stop Shop Hub, navigate to the Department of State’s Business Filing Services system to submit your filing online.

In addition to accessing the logged-in version of Business Filing Services, within the Business One-Stop Shop Hub, you can create a business profile to conveniently keep track of information (e.g., account numbers, addresses, representatives, documents, and checklists), access other Commonwealth systems and applications you may potentially use for your business, and receive the Business One-Stop Shop newsletter and notifications about grant programs available to businesses in Pennsylvania.

If you have questions at any point throughout this process, we have experts standing by ready to help. Contact Us to get answers to your questions. Please note, this information is supplied as a guide and should not take the place of legal or tax advice. We recommend the consultation of a lawyer, accountant, and an insurance agent when forming a business.

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