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Business Workshops & One-on-One Counseling

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or an existing business owner, there are many educational resources available to help increase your personal knowledge and business-readiness. The experts from the Opens in new windowSmall Business Development Centers (SBDC) can help. Through your local SBDC, you will gain access to educational classes and free, confidential consulting. New entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to consider taking the First Step Workshop at a local SBDC, which provides an in-depth preview of establishing your first business. The course is also available online at no cost.

Offices are conveniently hosted at 15 universities and their 49 outreach centers located across Pennsylvania. To learn more about the SBDCs, visit the Opens in new windowPennsylvania SBDCs’ website.

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Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP)

The BFTP has four regional headquarters and six satellite offices to help both startups and established businesses access the capital, expertise, and resources to foster innovation and growth in Pennsylvania’s technology and manufacturing industries. The BFTP pairs financial resources and fundraising strategies with hands-on technical assistance and support through business plan reviews; technical assessments; intellectual property counsel; marketing advice; suggestions for operations; mentorships with industry experts; access to state-of-the-art facilities, labs, and equipment; and the opportunity to test, refine, and demonstrate technologies.  This multifaceted support approach can significantly accelerate and contribute to the success of the commercialization process of new technologies in a highly competitive market.

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